If you have any other questions contact me here .

How long are lessons?2020-03-13T09:38:32+00:00

Lessons are 30 minutes long. You or your child are going to be learning a lot, mostly things that they’ve never come across before. Spending too long on a lesson results in loss of attention and retention of information. Any longer than 30 minutes just ends up being wasted. I stand by this so much that I do not allow double bookings. Even if you do decide to go elsewhere for your lessons, please look for tutors who offer a similar duration especially when dealing with children.

How much are lessons?2020-03-13T09:38:04+00:00

The first lesson is free, thereafter, lessons are £20 in accordance with the Musicians’ Union. You can find more information on the Musician’s Union here

Lessons are set in blocks of 4 which totals £80 this avoids someone else taking your regular slot.

How do I book a lesson?2020-03-13T09:37:47+00:00

You can book a lesson by visiting our contact us page here

Where are lessons?2020-03-13T09:37:17+00:00

Lessons are held at my address which is below. The reason I do not travel is because all of the lessons are recorded through my home studio which allows tracking of progress very easy.

97 Northumbrian Way, Royal Quays, North Shields, NE296XG.

How do I pay for lessons?2020-03-13T08:11:37+00:00

Lessons are paid on arrival, cash only. For block lessons these are paid on arrival of the first lesson of that block.

Can I book multiple lessons?2020-03-13T08:18:43+00:00

Lessons are in blocks of 4 with a total price of £80 (£20 each). I do not offer double lessons as this will cause a loss of attention and retention. It is waste of YOUR time and money .

How do I cancel a lesson?2020-03-13T08:32:32+00:00

As lessons are booked in blocks of 4, this secures my services for 4 weeks in advance. This is your slot and unavailable to anyone else, I therefore refuse bookings from others for this time period. This means myself and another potential customer has lost out if you decide to cancel a lesson.

I totally understand that in the modern world things come up and you might not be able to make it. In that case let me know 48 hours prior to the lesson and we will try to reschedule if slots are available. If you have given me 48 hours notice and are unable to reschedule you will not be charged for that lesson. If I receive less than 48 hours notice you will be charged in full regardless of reason.

I’m left handed, is that a problem?2020-03-13T09:35:46+00:00

So you’re a lefty? So am I! It makes no difference whatsoever.

I’ve seen so much bad advice given to lefties over the years, “learn right handed”, “learn upside down”, “there’s hardly any left-handed guitars available” and the best one “tabs are written for right handers”.  Absolute nonsense. Firstly, get whatever guitar feels natural there are plenty of left handed guitars out there, i’ve got a rack full of them! If you’re a lefty and need help or advice contact me here and i’ll help you regardless of whether you require lessons or not.

Do I need to bring a guitar?2020-03-13T08:43:31+00:00

In short, yes. I do have guitars both left and right handed available to practice on BUT it is more beneficial for you to learn on your own guitar and the one you will be practicing on most. All guitars are different, be it neck length, neck width, body size, string height and the list goes on. Little things make a huge difference when you first start out. Playing the same guitar helps build familiarity and helps you learn things quicker.

What guitar should I buy?2020-03-13T09:35:06+00:00

I have a full section on the website here

If you require advice on a guitar I haven’t covered please feel free to contact me here

What genres of music do you teach?2020-03-13T08:48:45+00:00

Whatever you want to learn! Blues, Jazz, Rock, Indie, Pop, Metal and everything in between.

I’ve been with a teacher before what makes Geordie Riffs different?2020-03-13T08:55:27+00:00

This is a total different way of learning. I’ll give you the basic foundations of guitar and from there you tell me what you want to learn and we start your real journey there.

Further to this I offer a premium service, your lessons are audio recorded through the studio which are then emailed to you so you can track your progress.

I follow every lesson up with high quality handouts and 24/7 support for all Geordie Riff customers.

I guarantee a response from any correspondence within 24 hours.

I’m certified by the Registry of Guitar Tutors at the London College of Music, Fully DBS checked and have public liability insurance for peace of mind.

To top it off I have a proven track record of getting people playing!

Do you offer any other services?2020-03-13T09:34:30+00:00

Yes we offer several different services such as restringing, guitar cleaning and studio recording. For more information please visit here

Why don’t you teach grades?2020-04-07T06:57:26+00:00

Firstly, it’s off putting especially for children. Go to school all day getting graded on everything they do, then come to a lesson for more grading and learning? I think they have enough on their plate as it is. I want this to be FUN. Same for adults really, its extra work, stress and pressure on top of your daily life.

I myself was not graded and still became a full-time professional musician. Did Jimi Hendrix get graded? Nope, that’s good enough for me. I don’t even agree with music critics! Its an ART, not a competition, music is whatever you want it to be! Its a way to express yourself not what a curriculum demands. The curriculum ends up learning everyone the same thing  with old songs that you or your child won’t even know!

Unless you want to be a classical musician then its a complete waste of time and the likelihood is you or your child will pack it all in after wasting a load of money. There’s plenty of teachers for this sort of thing, I want you to become your own style of guitar player, playing what you want to play and ENJOY yourself.


Do you offer Skype lessons?2020-03-13T09:09:30+00:00

I do not offer lessons through Skype. The simple reason is I can’t offer the premium level of service I offer through this type of learning.